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first day of second semester

good timing

Our first assignment of the semester is to start a blog. I've been contemplating starting a personal blog for some time now. I suppose ever since I found a little groove in personal journaling. But making my thoughts public out on the internet? Am I going to gear my website towards DJing like it has been for the past 3 years before the domain name expired? Or is DJing just a small part of a greater whole, and this is really a new start? And of course there is always the shear fear of exposing yourself. Will I even be communicating my thoughts accurately? I know what I mean, but do I even have the vocabulary or writing style to properly express it? Can I convey the subtleties? I should write it down before thinking it through, but then where's the moment and the free-flowing spontaneity? And here lies the magic in expressing yourself: the observer will receive what they're meant to receive. Your only job is to be true to yourself. After all, this is all shared content in shared contexts. 
The class is introduction to thesis. It's our first chance to explore our real interests in social innovation. Do we want to focus on communication design? International development? Sustainability? Nutrition? Community development? Education? There are unlimited ways our passions can be used to promote change and this class is our first step into making that happen. As an exercise we've been asked to list 10 creations that we wish we created. 10 ways that we wish we would have added value to the world. 10 things that really resonate within us (books, speeches, products, etc.) And we've been asked to list them in a personal blog or curation sight. Excellent timing considering this site just went live this morning. I love serendipity.
I think it's an awesome assignment. I think it reframes the hunt for my passion(s). No rules- just pick things that I wish I was a part of... Immediately a few creations came to mind: "The Sacred Balance", a non-fiction about nature's ecosystems written by David Suzuki, a TED Talk about Homo-Evolutus by Juan Enriquez, and a track called Koala by a recent favorite producer Oliver Heldens. The 10 creations list will have its own post(s) at some point before the 26th of January, but for now, I'm already seeing the benefit. 
And I'm quite liking this new website platform. I never thought I'd want to add a blog to my website, but it's great that these self-development sites offer such flexibility. It's really inspiring to want to become a more creative writer and maybe learn some technical photography skills. 
Create a blog today- such perfect timing indeed. 
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