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ten things I wish I had created

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As ancient wisdom holds, our exterior is a reflection of our interior. As mom says, tell me who your five best friends are and I'll tell you who you are.
These concepts are what makes the art of curation so special. And even more special when a theme or trend emerges that may allude to a deeper universal purpose.
So as the assignment goes, here are ten (actually nine for now, I saved room for one more) things that I wish I created:
The Sacred Balance
This book offers an insightful analysis of the the physical, social, spiritual needs that form the basis of our global society. Suzuki dedicates a section to each of the four elements: earth, wind, water, fire, and uses these forces of nature to illustrate our deep interdependence we have with all living and non-living things on Earth.
The book offers humbling facts about our evolution within the ecosystem that further corroborate our integration with nature. For example, the air we breathe contains trace atoms of the inert gas Argon. Since Argon is not absorbed into our blood stream, each atom is exhaled as it's inhaled only to continue on it's path around the atmosphere. Each breath of air we take contains Argon atoms that have been breathed by every other living thing that has ever walked on earth- from wooly mammoths to Abraham Lincoln to Michael Jordan. You can certainly read more about Argon here.
The Sacred Balance is on my list because it embodies my newly developed worldview of our role on Earth. It beautifully explains all the things about nature that we, not only take for granted, but are abusing as resources for our own personal utility. It's an eye opening book that reaffirms the critical need for humans to find a sustainable, coexisting balance with nature. 
Plastic Bags
These ubiquitous plastic bags have leeched their way into our lifestyles in the name of convenience, only to be disposed of at the rate of a trillion a year. Although I'm thankful for the single-use plastic bag issue for opening my eyes towards the world of sustainable living, I eager to see how we're going to deal with this issue in the future. 
Yes, I wish I had created these little buggers. At least at that point I could have made them biodegradable. Or at least held off until the chemistry could be properly managed. 
Our grandparents did just fine without them, why can't we? But I'm optimistic about it! We're a resilient species. 
"I Am"
One of my favorites! This is an enlightening documentary that addresses two provocative and moving questions: what is wrong with our world, and what can we do to make it better? 
The film discusses the idea that humans are fundamentally connected at very deep primal and metaphysical levels. Evolution has not bestowed human beings with hard shells, supreme eyesight, large fangs, or incredible strength. Instead, our mode of survival is based on our ability to forecast, anticipate patterns and trends, and pass our knowledge on to each other, alluding to a collective consciousness. It is in our best interest to cooperate rather than compete with each other in nature. The film discusses how greed and selfishness create a separateness that fuels hyper competition and in turn a separation from the rest of our ecological family, which has manifested into the world we see today.

Separated as we may seem, the film offers solace when it illustrates instances of synchronicity between humans. We come together in times of disaster by self-organizing in long assembly lines to deliver supplies, in times of revolution when we're ready for a change, and in times of joy when we gather in public places for a musical experience.

The idea that we share a collective consciousness is further corroborated when the film discusses random number generators. There are 70 random number generators around the globe constantly producing a series of random numbers for the sole purpose of creating disorder. Scientists have observed order in the sequence of generated numbers in instances when great events synchronize the feelings of people around the globe. One example was an emergence of ordered numbers days before the 9/11 attacks. This indicates that there is a physiological connection between coherent global consciousness and the earth. This experiment may seem far-fetched, but it opens the space for conversations about an esoteric field of connection between all living things on Earth. Read more about the stuff of magic here.

"Nature's AZ medicines dispensary of Phoenix"
"Nature's AZ medicines dispensary of Phoenix".
Imagine owning one of the first bars after prohibition was over. In my opinion, dispensaries will be the next innovative market to fully emerge from changing policy. 
Other than the sheer business potential, I believe in the esoteric benefits of marijuana and would love to be a contributing factor in its spread. Morgan Heritage seems to have the idea.
Koala by Oliver Heldens
As a DJ I listen through hundreds of songs a week to pick out the right ones for my library. The goal is to find the tracks that resonate, and these songs end up defining my style as a DJ. 
"Koala" embodies everything I love about new house music. Really nice big synth sounds and rolling basslines: high energy and incredibly dancy, suitable for the underground or main stage. So far, I have yet to hear a production style that resonates more than Oliver Heldens'. 
"Hominds that take direct and deliberate control over the evolution of their species."
Juan Enriquez discusses three trends that will culminate in the "ultimate human reboot". These trends are the engineering of cells, tissue, and robots. One early-stage example is by a group of researchers that successfully removed the cells from a heart, leaving only the cartilage. They then spray painted stem cells from a mouse that self-organized resulting in a newly beating heart.
Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey 
Released in 2014, this spectacular documentary series, hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, combines the latest CGI cinematography and the most current discoveries of the universe. It covers the whole spectrum of human history, from the hunter gatherer days to the beginnings of modern science, and contextualizes our existence in the cosmos.
Understanding the greater view of our world helps us realize the negative impacts we're having on the environment and climate change. Here is a short timeline of the creation of this documentary. 
The scratch
It doesn't take any musical background to enjoy the sound of a good scratch. There's something about the analog manipulation of the records that makes the music come to life. The artist is there, present, cutting the samples with his/her bare hands. 
I'm always hooked within seconds of hearing a dope scratch session. Have a listen to DJ QBert, one of the most respected scratch legends, practicing here.
Shadow is an app designed to help remember your dreams. 
It works as a smart alarm clock that begins at a low volume minutes before your intended wake up time. As it slowly increases in volume it naturally brings you out of your hypnopompic sleep state making you more able to retain the content of your dreams. When the alarm is stopped, you're prompted to voice record your dream. 
As stated in the app's kickstarter, the dreams will be anonymously uploaded to a network where worldwide dream themes and trends can emerge. 
The implications of these trends could be an enormous source for esoteric knowledge to the global community. What if there was a particular trend of dreams in a location before a natural disaster? Could our dreams be physiologically connected to the earth in ways that ancient philosophy has been stating?
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